So you set off on this banal routine mission. Verst, dead, not a huge shock, the fact that you we’re pulled out of, what was essentially, early retirement was. But at least you had a chance stretch your legs. The airship ride was exceptional and you arrived in kair morgal in a few short hours. You quickly became acquainted with the city, you found a tavern to stay and accepted an invitation to the magistrate’s office in the town civic building. Oddly enough you were turn away by guards when you arrived. Unfortunately verst’s body, in the morgue beneath the civic building would have to wait.

You spent a restful night in the tavern. The following day you felt that the magistrate’s office needed to be reinvestigated. Upon arriving the building appeared to be deserted. Curious. You stood perplexed at the front doors for the better part of an hour, even though one of your members found a trapped but unlocked side entrance. The group finally made a majority decision to enter the building via the front door.

Upon entering you discovered the bodies of the guards who had turned you away the day before, their throats cut. On further exploration you found the coroner’s body, his head hanging from his torso by a few tendons. You discovered some weird notes dealing with subjects nightmares of flying. Nothing of interest, probably. Descending into the morgue you discovered a group of shadowy figures standing over verst’s body it was apparent that they were robbing the corpse. Charging into the room you interrupted the robbery two of the villains escaped through a hole in the wall leaving a third to “deal with” you. A short scuffle insued with the third figure, a giant hulk of a man with an even larger hammer. As he fell to your blades and arrows he unstrapped his vest and revealed that he was covered in bombs. You had one time to grab an item each. This you did, and fled as the civic building erupted in flame behind you. Well most of you, one particularly greedy chap attempted to drag a large chest out with him and he did not make it out. The party split up one group stayed outside with verst’s corpse while the other attempted a rescue mission, plunging back into the now structurally unsound building.

The two thieves from the morgue took advantage of the chaos from the explosion and the splitting of the party to finish the job and so attacked, the fight was brutal but you managed to defeat them even when one used a mass charm spell to turn the gathered crowd against you. In spite of your victory one of the assailants managed to escape. The other was captured and ended up being a beautiful elven rogue.

You took the rogue back to the inn and interrogated her. Apart from discovering that the half orc is a lecherous pervo, you learned that the elves had been hired by the pathfinders guild to steal verst’s journal. Fortunately for you the journal was one of the items you had managed to rescue from the collapsing civic building. You promptly placed the rogue in a wooden chest with a hole for her head and opened the journal.

Skimming over the nonsensical nightmares and dreams of flying that Verst carefully recorded you found the entry where he had discovered the whereabouts of the Well of Constantine, a mythical artifact that was said to hold a raw power. The Well was somewhere near the town of Pleasant, a backwater town located far south in the Untamed Lands. Most people avoid that place on the map but it looked as though you had your work set out for you.

After much effort you procured a guide, the only guide willing to travel to Pleasant. You also hired a group of his drinking buddies. Together you made a splendid outfit. Amidst boisterous drinking songs and raucous drunk talk you set off toward Pleasant.

The road to Pleasant became increasingly disconcerting as you were plagued by increasingly vivid and terrifying nightmares. The weather also took a turn for the worst with the rain falling in sheets and the wind howling in your ears. Finally as your horse cart approached a deep ravine you were attacked by “The One That Walks As Wind” a terrifying creature that Verst had hinted at in his journal. Some of the drinking party who had been particularly plagued by the nightmares instantly devoured as they threw themselves willingly over the cart toward the creature. You fled as it pursued you down the hillside. Unfortunately the horse cart toppled as you rounded a corner and the entire party plunged headfirst into a river hundreds of feet below. Your misfortunes were compounded as your rogue forgot how to swim and drown most miserably. The remaining of you pulled yourselves out of the river and continued on to Pleasant. the dreams continued to plague you. And plague you. Soon you began to succumb to nightmares and hunger for the sweet succulent taste of human flesh. Mmmmmm…

With a few small setbacks, during which time a few of you tried to eat each other. In spite of this you managed to make it to Pleasant. The town itself was anything but. The people kept away from you and the the town was dark and foreboding. You managed to learn that the town blacksmith, Versts contact, had left the town and had travelled to a nearby abandoned fort. You hurriedly left the town and travelled west toward the fort.

On the way to the fort you decided to investigate a decrepit Mage tower where you were attacked by a coven of Sea Hags. You drove them off but remain on top of the tower as night falls.



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